Is there another payment method to iDeal or Paypal?

Yes there is, if it has been agreed with you that you can pay by bank transfer.

You have your order in the shopping cart, then you simply choose iDeal, and a random bank.
Say the ING, then go to that page of the ING. Once you are there, click cancel.
Then you call us with the announcement that you have just canceled your order and want to pay by bank transfer.
We will then change the status of your order, and you will receive the information how you can complete the payment.
Please note, the delivery time will only take effect once the payment has been received. You can speed up this process by taking a screenshot of the payment to
to email us.

Image at least 900 pixels in size.

You can view how many pixels the image contains in windows. Go to the image and click on the right mouse button - properties - details.

Example of insufficient pixels


Example of sufficient pixels.


Pixel files are made up of all small pixels that are clearly visible when you zoom in on them. With pixel files you are bound to the resolution that makes up it. The resolution is displayed in the number of DPI (Dots Per Inch), or the number of dots per 2.54 cm (one inch). Are you going to enlarge a pixel image (necessary for eg t-shirts) then the dots become visible and you get a blocky print
Vector files are composed of all different objects, which in turn are built up from reference lines, each with their own separate color, fill and line type. These lines always keep their shape, no matter how big or small you make them. That way they will not be visible when you zoom in on them. It does not matter how big you make a vector file, the quality always remains the same.
How do I recognize a pixel or vector file?

Vector files are usually created in Adobe Illustrator and usually have one of the following extensions: AI, EPS or PDF.

Pixel files, often formatted in Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint, are often used as JPG, TIFF, GIFF, PSD, GIFF or BMP files.

Now it happens sometimes that people send us an AI, EPS or PDF file on the assumption that this is a vector file, but in the end it turns out to be a pixel file.

Usually it is a pixel image (eg JPG) which is placed in an Illustrator PDF, or a pixel file which is stored in EPS in EPS10. However, this does not make it a vector file yet.