Terms and Conditions

Your contract partner for all orders in the context of this online offer is Knowledge & Experience located at Wagenmakerij 13, 4762AV Zevenbergen (Chamber of Commerce 24285883), hereinafter referred to as: "BIA Business International" of BIA Business International to the customer based on the general sales and delivery conditions below. These are the basis of all offers and agreements between B.I.A Business International and the customer and apply for the entire duration of the business relationship. Contingent or deviating terms and conditions of the buyer are only applicable if B.I.A Business International has accepted them in writing.

Paragraph: 2 Responsibility for the online offer

(1) D.m. B.I.A Business International's platform has two types of shops available. On the one hand, shops designed and operated by B.I.A Business International itself (B.I.A Business International-Shops) and, on the other hand, shops, which are designed and operated by independent shop operators (Partner-Shops). In each shop you can enter information about the operator of that shop via an Own Page (Open your Store).
(2) B.I.A Business International is entirely responsible for the items and motifs offered in a (B.I.A Business International-shop) and the design of the shop.
(3) For the articles and motifs offered in a (Partner shop) and the design of the shop as well as the advertisement for the articles offered, only the shop operator is responsible. B.I.A Business International can not be held responsible for the content of these shop operators, insofar as these do not comply with the regulations of these general terms and conditions and / or the regulations of the B.I.A Business International shop operators AV. This applies in particular in the event that shop operators act contrary to their obligation to use these general terms and conditions of B.I.A Business International when they enter into contracts with their customers in their shops.

Paragraph: 3 Purchase agreement

(1) The "Offers" on this page are a free invitation to the customer to order from B.I.A Business International.
(2) By sending the completed order form on the internet, the customer declares the offer to be binding and thus to conclude a purchase agreement or production agreement. For the final shipment, the customer on an overview page has the possibility to check the correctness of the data and to correct it if necessary. For the ordering procedure, the following languages can be selected at the moment: Dutch.
B.I.A Business International then sends the customer an order confirmation by e-mail and checks the offer for the legal and actual feasibility, in particular for a possible infringement of the copyrights of third parties. The order confirmation can not be seen as delivery confirmation, but is only intended to inform the customer about the fact that the order has arrived at B.I.A Business International.
The agreement is only concluded when B.I.A Business International has sent the ordered product to the customer.
The details of the order can also be viewed online under your account in the webshop in the user profile under (Your Orders).
(3) In connection with Section: 2 (3), it is not possible for B.I.A Business International as platform provider to check in advance whether all printing motives made by customers or shop operators are possible, or whether this would possibly infringe existing rights. B.I.A Business International has the right to refuse orders received within the statutory acceptance period, if it is known in the context of the ordering process whether the suspicion arises that the rights of third parties or statutory regulations are violated by a print motive.
(4) The conclusion of the purchase agreement is subject to the condition that B.I.A Business International itself is delivered on time and in full by suppliers. This reservation does not apply in case of short supply problems or when B.I.A Business International is responsible for not delivering, especially if B.I.A Business International fails to provide an alternative in time. The customer is immediately informed of the unavailability of the product. If the customer has already paid, this will be paid back.
(5) The products that are offered are printed to size, therefore we can not take back the ordered products. We would therefore also like to point out our size chart which you can find on the website. Naturally, production errors are corrected. Of course you can always contact our support department, to find a solution should this still occur.
(6) Products, sizes or colors that have been ordered but are no longer available, because they are no longer in the range, are offered an alternative. Thinking about a different color, size or completely different article. If no choice can be made here, the total amount of the items that are no longer available will be returned.
(7) B.I.A Business International always reserves the right to refuse / cancel an order that is posted and satisfied.
(8) In case of cancellation of an order no costs will be charged, only if it is stated within 48 hours after placing the order. After 48, 20% of the total amount will be charged.

Paragraph: 4 Delivery / shipping

(1) The order will in principle be shipped within 5 to 8 working days after the order confirmation has been received by the customer. Delivery periods and delivery times are only binding if these have been explicitly confirmed in writing by B.I.A Business International.
(2) The delivery is carried out by a forwarder chosen by B.I.A Business International. The customer owes postage, which may depend on the value of the order and the place to be delivered.
(3) After the customer has received the package, we give the customer 3 days to check the products for any errors or damage after this period we can do nothing more.

Paragraph: 5 Prices

(1) For customers from EU countries, the indicated prices are final prices. These prices include the taxes due, in particular the VAT. Shipping costs are charged separately and stated separately on this invoice. The delivery address is decisive.
(2) For customers from outside the EU, all prices offered are net prices. The delivery address is decisive. If VAT has to be paid in accordance with legal provisions in the country of the recipient, this must be paid extra on receipt of the delivery. In addition, import duties may be due, which the customer must pay extra on receipt of the products.
(3) The customer owes shipping costs, which may depend on the value of the order and the place to be delivered. Current shipping costs are under www. B.I.A Business International
(4) Purchase price and shipping costs must be paid immediately without deduction.

Paragraph: 6 Payment

(1) The payment can take place in the form of iDeal payment options. B.I.A Business International has the right to limit the options of the payment method between which a customer can choose, depending on the value of the order, the region to which the shipment must be sent or other business criteria.
(2) When the payment method chosen by the customer, despite the contractual execution by BIA Business International, in particular when payment due to a shortage on the customer's account or by giving incorrect information can not be carried out, the customer is obliged to pay BIA Business International or the third parties charged by BIA Business International with the settlement the extra costs incurred as a result.
a) In case of non-fulfillment of the payment obligation by the customer, B.I.A Business International has the right to hand over its claim to a collection agency and to pass on the personal data required for the payment to this third party.
b) If third parties are involved in the settlement of the payment, the payment in respect of BIA Business International will only be deemed to have been paid if the amount has been made available to the third party in accordance with the agreement, so that the third party can do so without some restriction may be available.

Paragraph: 7 Reservation of ownership

(1) The products remain the property of B.I.A Business International until all outstanding claims against B.I.A Business International have been paid. If the customer is an entrepreneur within the meaning of ABW, B.I.A Business International remains the owner of all deliveries until all claims from this business relationship have been paid.
(2) The customer is obliged to treat the products with care until they have transferred ownership.

Paragraph: 8 Warranty

(1) Statements, drawings, images, technical data, descriptions of weights, dimensions and power, which are included in leaflets, catalogs, mailings, advertisements or price lists, have a purely informative character. B.I.A Business International can not be held responsible for the correctness of this data. Only the statements stated in the order confirmation are decisive in respect of the type and scope of the delivery.
(2) When there is a defect under warranty, the customer is entitled under the legal provisions to require that the defect be rectified, to annul the contract or to require a discount on the purchase price. .
(3) If products are returned in the event of defects, B.I.A Business International will also bear the postage costs.
(4) The current state of the art can not guarantee that the exchange of data via the internet will be error-free and / or at all times possible. Therefore, B.I.A Business International can not be held liable for the uninterrupted availability of the online offer.
(5) The warranty claims of the customer are subject to the condition that, if the customer is an entrepreneur, these are mandatory inspection and complaint obligations in accordance with ABW.
(6) The limitation period of guarantee claims for the delivered products is 1 year from the moment the products are received. If the customer is an entrepreneur, the limitation period is one year.

Paragraph: 9 Limitation of liability

(1) The liability of B.I.A Business International otherwise depends on the statutory regulations, insofar as nothing else has been determined in these general trading and delivery conditions. B.I.A Business International is boundlessly obliged to pay compensation, regardless of the legal basis on which it is based, in case of intent and gross negligence. In addition, B.I.A Business International is indefinitely liable in case of ordinary negligence for damage caused by fatal or physical injury or damage to health. In the event of ordinary negligence and breach of a material obligation under the agreement (cardinal obligation), the liability of B.I.A Business International is limited to compensation for foreseeable damage typical of such a case.
(2) Insofar as the liability of B.I.A Business International in these general sales and delivery conditions may be excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability for compensation of the employees,
Employees, representatives and assistants of B.I.A Business International

Paragraph: 10 Right to revoke

Goods that have been ordered from our Textile wholesaler, or are printed to size. Can not be returned, even fitting models are not. Offered goods are refused and returned at your expense. All these deliveries are final

(1) Right of withdrawal
If you are a consumer within the meaning of the Civil Code (ABW), you can submit your declaration on the basis of which the agreement was concluded within two weeks without giving any reason in writing (eg by letter, fax or e-mail) or if the product is delivered to you before this period expires - by returning the product. The term starts to run after you have received this instruction in writing, however, not before the products have arrived at the consignee (in case of repeated delivery of similar products not before the first partial delivery has arrived) or before we have fulfilled our information obligations. In order to comply with the deadline for revocation, it is sufficient to revoke or send the product before the deadline.
The declaration of withdrawal or the return of the products must be sent to:

B.I.A Business International
Wagenmakerij 13
4762AV Zevenbergen

or by e-mail to: klantenservice@biazakelijk.nl
This right of withdrawal does not exist in contracts relating to the delivery of products that B.I.A Business International has manufactured based on customer specifications or that are clearly tailored to the client's personal needs. This applies in particular to products that are printed with motifs (texts or motifs) according to the customer's wishes. The customer is aware that, when ordering such products, he gives B.I.A Business International a concrete order to manufacture the intended products.
Consequences of the cancellation
. In the event of a valid revocation, the mutually delivered performances must be returned and any benefits received (eg interest) will have to be paid off. If you can not return the received performance in full or in part or only in a deteriorated condition, you must compensate us for the depreciation accordingly. If it concerns goods that have been made available to you, this does not apply if the deterioration is solely due to checking them - as would, for example, also have been possible in a shop. For the rest you can avoid the obligation to pay for depreciation on account of deterioration due to the putting into use of the goods according to its destination, by not using the goods as your property and by leaving everything that reduces the value. Goods that can be sent as parcel must be returned for our risk. You must bear the costs for return if the delivered goods are in accordance with the order and the price of the goods to be returned does not exceed 40 Euro, or if at a higher price of the goods at the time of the cancellation has not paid the consideration or contractually agreed partial payment. In the other cases, the return is free for you. Goods that can not be sent as a package are collected from you. Obligations to refund payments must be paid within 30 days. Before you begin the period of time with the sending of your revocation declaration or the goods, for us with the receipt thereof.
If the agreement is revoked in its entirety, B.I.A Business International will also bear the costs of sending the goods to the consumer (delivery costs).
End of the instruction regarding the right of withdrawal.

Paragraph: 11 Copyrights on printed designs, indemnity of liability

(1) If the customer provides his own motive, or in any other way influences the product (textual personalization), the customer guarantees to B.I.A Business International that no rights of third parties rest on text and motive. Any infringements of copyright, personality or trade name rights will in that case be entirely for the account of the customer. The customer also ensures that the individualization of the product does not infringe any other rights of third parties.
(2) The customer shall indemnify B.I.A Business International against all claims and claims based on infringement of such third-party rights, insofar as the customer must be responsible for the violation of his obligations. The customer reimburses B.I.A Business International for all costs resulting from defending and other damages.

Paragraph: 12 Deviations of form and technical nature

(1) We expressly reserve the right that deviations from the descriptions and information in our prospectuses, catalogs and other written and electronic documents regarding the properties of fabrics, colors, weight, dimensions, design, can occur in the performance of the agreement. and such features, as far as those of the customer can be required. Reasons for such changes to be accepted may arise from commercially available fluctuations and technical production methods.
(2) It is possible that a color difference may occur in orders with different models (men, women or children). This is the result of various suppliers in textiles and models. If you want more information about this, you can contact the support.

Paragraph: 13 Protection of data

B.I.A Business International uses personal data of the customer only in view of the purpose for which they were given and in accordance with the legal provisions. The personal details indicated for the order of products (such as name, e-mail address, postal address, payment details) are used by B.I.A Business International to fulfill and settle the agreement. These data are treated confidentially by B.I.A Business International and are not passed on to third parties who are not involved in the order, delivery and payment. The customer has the right to obtain free information about the personal data that B.I.A Business International has stored from him. In addition, he is entitled to correction of incorrect data, blocking and deletion of his personal data, unless this would be contrary to a statutory obligation to retain data.
(2) If the customer is an entrepreneur, whether it is a public-law legal entity or a public-law separate asset, Rotterdam is the competent court. In this case, B.I.A Business International also has the right to choose to submit the dispute to the court of the customer's place of residence. The same applies accordingly, if the customer can not designate a competent court in the Netherlands, he has moved his domicile or his usual residence abroad after the conclusion of the contract, or his domicile or his habitual residence at the time of the establishment of the contract. the claim is unknown.
(3) The agreement concluded in accordance with the arrangements as laid down in these general sales and delivery conditions is exclusively subject to the law of the Dutch State. The validity of the UN purchase right is excluded. If the customer is a consumer and his usual residence is abroad, the prescribed provisions of this state remain valid.
(4) In the event that separate provisions of these general terms and conditions of sale and delivery are null and void, or are in conflict with the statutory regulations, the agreement remains legally valid. e. Shipping costs that are involved will be for our account. Any refund of the invoice will take place within 14 days. Return shipments that are returned unstamped will not be accepted, because a penalty portion has to be paid. You should therefore return the parcel / envelope.

Paragraph: 14

Goods that have been ordered from our Textile wholesaler, or are printed to size. Can not be returned, even fitting models are not. Offered goods are refused and returned at your expense. All these deliveries are final.

Paragraph: 15 Buy on account.

(1) Goods that are ordered on account after approval must be transferred within 7 days of delivery.
(2) If a payment agreement is not fulfilled, it will be handed over to a collection agency that we work with. All additional costs will be recovered from you.

Paragraph: 16 designs.

(1) All designs on the website of B.I.A Business International are designed by us. We also own the original files here.
(2) The use of our designs is strictly prohibited, this is only possible after written approval from B.I.A Business International
(3) Using our designs without written permission, we will also file with our legal department.

Note: the colors in the images may differ slightly from the actual result.

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