File format

Files must be submitted in the file formats below;

EPS (crop marks)
TIFF (crop marks)
JPG / JPEG AI (crop marks)

Other formats in consultation Please note that all files are delivered in outlines / letter contours.
We only accept PDF and EPS files with crop marks.
Our preference is for an EPS file. All bitmap images must be at least 300 DPI.
Files with a resolution of less than 300 DPI lose quality during printing.
All texts must be converted into outlines / letter contours. Gradients and transparencies must be smoothed or screened.

Of course we can help you with the correct delivery of your files, please call our customer service on 010-3027222.

Deliver files

Deliver files preferably via our "upload & control system" (free). The files are then checked at all important points. A certified PDF file is created, fully ready for printing. You can easily place your file in a grid that is exactly the size of the printed matter you ordered. If your file does not have the correct dimensions, you can scale it. You can also submit your files via "upload" (free). Your files will then be checked in the background by our system. If the files do not meet our criteria, we will contact you. You can also mail the files (stating your order number) to:

Files that are delivered in a different way than via our "upload and control system" or via "upload" are checked by our expert staff. If the files do not go through the check for some reason, we will of course contact you to provide you with information. can not be held responsible for errors made by you at delivery. Think of grammatical errors, gradients and grids, incorrect colors, etc. See our terms and conditions. All files and e-mails must clearly refer to the relevant order (put the order number as subject in the e-mail).

Formats and cutting margin

Files for printed matter must be supplied in the correct formats. NB: take into account 3 mm. cutting margin / bleed on all sides. Text and image elements in this margin are cut off and are dropped in the net format. So make sure that important texts and / or images remain sufficiently out of the question. With canvas we ask you for a margin of 2cm around.


Full color (4/0 - 4/4) files must be formatted in CMYK. We accept JPEG, TIFF, PDF, AI or EPS files. Note: PMS colors must be converted to CMYK for full color printing. The maximum color coverage for full color printing is approximately 300%. For example, when you make black in full color, make sure that black is really 100% black and not 100% cyan, 100% magenta, 100% yellow and 100% black. A mix of 400% (higher than 300%) can cause stains and other disruptive factors in your printing. It is recommended that no more than 250% color coverage be given to CMYK. 1-, 2- and 3-color printing must be made in PMS (solid colors). These color codes must be included in the document. When a "translucent" color is used, or a certain percentage of the color, it is important to know that +/- 10% is the minimum translucency factor (opacity) in order to guarantee the print quality.

Microsoft Word

Unfortunately, we can not print Microsoft Word files, the resolution is not sufficient for this. We can convert these files for you into printable files. Inform about the possibilities without obligation.

Gradients and transparencies

Gradients and transparencies can cause problems when printing. It is wise to rasterize or flatten them. Delivery with transparencies or gradients is at your own risk. Lines must not be thinner than 0.25 pt. Negative lines must have at least a thickness of 0.5 pt. to have.