Who wouldn't want it to own merchandise without it costing you money?

We work very simple.
1 Own Management.
You can keep everything in-house and then just buy everything from us for sale.
we can make everything from clothing to fans and wristbands flag flyers etc etc.
2 Through our system.
Or you let it do it through us so we don't print until there is an order benefit from this is that you have no investment and no stock.
Anyone who buys for themselves always keeps products that they can't get rid of anymore.
You get your own minishop on our webshop merchandisewear.com with a domain of your choice.
We will then put a basic line online with your logo or texts such as t-shirt hoodie jackets caps tank tops etc etc.
This allows us to expand this even more from a basic line to a premium line that is than organic cotton.
Currently we do it this way in 9 countries for many artists and events and we ship worldwide.
You get your own login from your portal that you can see what's sold and every quarter we pay out the commission of sales.

Please contact info@merchandisewear.com